What is Globalmeter?

GlobalMeter is an online platform that enables you to track the promises of any politician in the world.

GlobalMeter helps you build a tracking tool that monitors the promises of politicians effectively and creates public awareness and momentum to urge politicians to successfully deliver their promises. You do not have to be a web development specialist or even a web designer to start your meter, all you have to do is to sign up with us, state the purpose of creating the meter, the promises of the politician you would like to track and leave the rest on us. GlobalMeter team will provide you with some guidelines to be able to maintain and boost your meter’s reach and to gain support on the ground based on best practices worldwide. Globalmeter also supports the anonymity of meter creators in case of political tensions.

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About us

GlobalMeter is an expansion of MorsiMeter project, which started in Egypt after the first democratic elections, post revolution, aiming to track the promises of Ex-president Mohamed Morsi in his first 100 days. The success of the project, urged the team to think of taking the idea globally to enable everyone across the globe to track the promises of their politicians, most of the times, such promises are unrealistic and only used for propaganda and gaining votes in the elections. The project aims at creating a public memory that pushes politicians to fulfill their promises and hold them accountable to it. Thus, making future politicians promise only what they can do and avoid manipulation of the crowds through media campaigns that provides unrealistic and non-achievable programs and promises.

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